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The Whitewater Region (WWR) Advantage is simple

We can give you MORE for less. WWR has the modern services needed to run many modern international corporations but we don’t have the extensive infrastructure needing high taxation for support. Ottawa is a short drive down Hwy 17.

Link to WWR Advantage


The financial advantages for WWR are substantial and obvious when you express them in numbers however this advantage is not our most common accolade. If you ask a new resident in Whitewater Region, what they like most about their new home, they most commonly answer, “THE PEOPLE”. The people they meet in their community are friendly and helpful and they are looking out for one another. If there is something that you or your family need, it is always easy to find someone willing to help. You may be looking for activities or events for your family, or need something fixed in your house. Just Ask.

Map of the Region